Lewis Hamilton trades his Formula One race car in for a Ninebot One transportation device.

Life is good as an F1 driver.

MOTORSPORT has always been about living the high life; from James Hunt back in the 1970s to Lewis Hamilton in the present day.

The fastest cars, the biggest houses and the most beautiful women, some things never change.

Behind all the on-track politics which plagued the season of Mercedes duo Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, there is one constant: Money.

Of course, not all drivers are created equal, The Sun reports. From Jenson Button‘s ‘playboy’ youth to Hamilton’s Snapchat antics, every racer has their own way of blowing off steam.

But what do the rich and famous of F1 get up to in their spare time? Check out everything you need to know, below.


Active years: 2007-present Earnings: $63 million

Three world championships, a swanky Monaco mansion and a string of celebrity friends — and ex-girlfriends — Hamilton is the epitome of modern F1: the ultimate Hollywood racer.

The famously — or perhaps infamously — flash driver is one of the world’s highest earning sportsmen, with Forbes claiming he takes home $63 million per year after earnings and endorsements.

As well as being one of the most successful men on the track, he does pretty well off the track too, surrounding himself with celebrity chums, enjoying a host of A-list flings as well as having flats in Monte Carlo and New York, worth a combined $56 million.

The Mercedes man may have narrowly missed out on the title in 2016 to ex-team-mate Rosberg, but his world-famous, off-track persona will see him remain a part of the so-called ‘A-list’ for decades to come.

His on-off relationship with former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger and his recent rumoured romance with world superstar singer Rita Ora undoubtedly played a major role in that, while he is now being spotted out and about with model Winnie Harlow.

Things are only set to get better for the Brit, as Hamilton’s new deal — signed at Mercedes recently — means he is line to rake in an astonishing $190 million.


Vettel is the polar opposite to Hamilton.

Vettel is the polar opposite to Hamilton.Source:AFP

Active years: 2006-present Earnings: $54 million

While Hamilton may top the list of richest F1 racers, German superstar Vettel is not far behind, earning $54 million, according to Forbes.

But the four-time champion is the polar opposite of Brit racer Hamilton, turning his nose up at the glitz, glamour, mansions and celebrity pals.

The 29-year-old instead resides in a medieval-style farmhouse in Switzerland, cruising around the mountains in a VW people carrier, rather than supercharged hypercars, with childhood sweetheart Hanna Prater and two young daughters; Emilie and Matilda.

Vettel even said: “I’m not tempted by glitzier places like Monaco. It’s a nice place but it’s not nice for me for more than a week.”

That is despite his $54 million annual earnings from Italian giants Ferrari.


Active years: 2001-present Earnings: $50 million

In terms of base wage, Spaniard Alonso is the highest-paid F1 driver on the grid — despite not winning a single race in three-and-a-half years.

The former Renault and Ferrari ace made a risky move to McLaren, with the Brit team struggling to keep up with Mercedes and Co amid all the rule changes.

Despite that, Alonso is something of a Hamilton-Vettel hybrid, owning a luxury apartment in a 52-storey building in billionaire’s playground Dubai, reportedly worth $215 million.

While his choice of domicile may be slightly more Hamilton, his personal life is far more steady, choosing to ditch the celebrity high-life in favour of a fiercely private home life.

Instead, Alonso prefers to kick back in some of his stunning holiday homes — two of which are in Switzerland and one in Oxford.


Kimi Raikkonen was famed for his party lifestyle.

Kimi Raikkonen was famed for his party lifestyle.Source:Getty Images

Active years: 2001-2009, 2012-present Earnings: $36 million

Finnish star Raikkonen has long been famed for his party-boy lifestyle having burst onto the F1 scene all the way back in 2001.

For instance, the Finnish star was famously caught taking a tumble on a yacht in every racer’s paradise — Monaco — and marrying, then divorcing, former Miss Scandinavia Jenni Dahlman.

On top of that his antics drew comparisons to former champion Hunt, even competing under the pseudonym James Hunt in a snowmobile race in 2007, when he was supposed to be in Australia preparing for the season opener.

Raikkonen also once took part in a powerboat race while dressed as a gorilla. However, the former world champion has settled down a tad as he’s got older.

In fact, he’s swapped the swanky south coast of France lifestyle for a relaxed retreat in Finland with partner Minttu Virtanen — a secluded villa in Porkkalanniemi, having also sold his luxury bachelor pad in Helsinki, for a national record of nearly $25 million.

However, Raikkonen has retained all the fun the Finnish people are synonymous for within the racing community, building a motocross racetrack within the grounds of his forested home.

On top of that the Finnish ace kicks back with some snowboarding and ice hockey, regularly turning out for his hometown team, the Espoo Blues.


Active years: 2006-2016 Earnings: $28 million

Despite all the razzmatazz within F1, there has never been as big a mic-drop as Rosberg finally toppling frenemy Hamilton to win the 2016 world championship — and promptly retiring.

The German was always going to be a racer, having been born and bred in Monte Carlo, where he still resides in a luxurious apartment in the heart of the city’s famous harbour.

However, despite having the glitz and glamour in his blood, Rosberg is far more Vettel than Hamilton, having married childhood friend and long-time fiancee Vivian Sibold in 2014. They now even have a one-year-old daughter Alaia together.

Whatever happens, he will always know he retired a champion. And a rich one at that.


Active years: 2000-2016 Earnings: $19 million

It’s somewhat hard to believe now, but back in the day Button was slated for focusing more on yachts, stunning models and living the high-life in Monaco, than racing.

Despite settling down, marrying Jessica Michibata and winning the Formula One world championship, it would appear Button still has the playboy lifestyle in his blood.

After his marriage broke-down, the Brit former racer — who announced his retirement last year — is reportedly dating beauty Brittny Ward and enjoying the Monaco lifestyle.

Button has had houses in the UK — including a giant manor in Guernsey and mega-mansion ‘The White House’ in Weybridge — Monaco and even Bahrain these days, while he now has the freedom to crack on with his other loves; mountain biking, triathlons and even body boarding.

Button even won a triathlon event in California in October 2015.

This article was originally published by The Sun and reproduced with permission.

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