THE Farnham Boccia Club is at risk of closing unless more players and volunteers come forward.

Boccia (pronounced ’Bot-cha’) is a sport similar to bowls for athletes with a disability. A club started in Farnham last September, initiated by Farnham Sports Council on the basis that this Paralympic Games sport would be a worthwhile addition to the town’s sporting portfolio.

The sport is totally inclusive and can be played by anyone regardless of age, gender, ability or disability. It has a high profile in the world of disability sport and has been a regular feature of the Paralympic Games programme since 1984.

Coach Trevor Seal said: “Boccia is an easy to learn game for anyone and everyone. Boccia can be played competitively within minutes without the need of any specialist knowledge of the game.

“However like any other sport, to reach Paralympic level takes years of dedication, training and practice. It is a game of skill, strategy and subtlety.”

A regular core of enthusiastic players have been attending the weekly sessions being held on Sunday evenings at the David Lloyd Club but the boccia club is keen to recruit new players and, above all, are desperately seeking new volunteers to help run the club.

Farnham Sports Council chairman David Gill added: “The club is very lucky to have excellent facilities and a qualified coach but, for this community club to develop, it needs more volunteer support, particularly committee members to help take the club forward.

“If anyone can help, or you know someone who might, then please come down to the David Lloyd club session on a Sunday evening between 6pm to 7.30pm. To be brutally honest, the sustainability of the club and chance to retain this fantastic inclusive sport in Farnham is at stake.”

Among the regular 15 or so attendees are people of all ages including some from Woodlarks and the Ridgeway School.

There are also several from other local disability sports clubs such as Swimability and Sailability, who keep active and do more than one sport.

There are a number of regular able-bodied players too, who enjoy the game. David concluded: “Boccia is provided in Farnham for everyone and we have one young person, Kate Seal, who regularly takes part in regional competitions through to a good number who come for the social and friendly competition benefits.

“Farnham Boccia would love to welcome more people, both players and volunteers.”

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