7.08am EDT

Thank goodness for calm waters at Edgbaston: a 70- wicket partnership between Wiese (45 not out) and Brown (64 not out).
And a consolation wicket at Old Trafford. Mullaney c Onions b Mennie 1.Notts 1/1.

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7.04am EDT

Gurney took 6 wickets in 30 balls.
Elsewhere Gloucestershire have won by five wickets, Benny Howell not out 52. Three for Matt Henry and two more for Darren Stevens.

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6.57am EDT

Mennie c Moores b Gurney 0. Lancashire 73 all out. Notts need 10 to win. A career best for Gurney 12.2-5-25-6 who is applauded off the pitch by his teammates and bashfully waves his cap. Ball 10-5-14-4. Lancashire lost 8 for 15 from 60 balls today; and 10 for 24 in all.

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6.52am EDT

Eek, close you eyes Lancies: Lancashire 73/9. Vilas c Wessels at first slip b Ball. Full length, invited the drive, the drive came. And went.

Six wickets for Gurney Photograph: Barry Mitchell/REX/Shutterstock

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6.45am EDT

Lancashire 73/7. Bailey c Moores b Gurney 1. Gurney joins the five-fer club 5-25.


6.39am EDT

Lancashire have now lost five for 8 in 41 balls. Ball is bowling excellently here, a super length, testing all the time.


6.36am EDT

Gloucestershire now 84/4. Henry 3-27. Surely not…
Oh and that’s another one down at Old Trafford. Clark c Nash (brilliantly at gully) b Ball 0. Lancs 66/7.


6.30am EDT

Stumps shattered! Croft b Ball 0. Lancs 66/6 and lead by 2…


6.22am EDT

Everything proceeding calmly at Canterbury, GLoucestershire 77/1 but oh dear not at Southampton: Worcestershire 67/5.
Three wickets in the space of 19 balls for 8 runs at OT this morning.


6.19am EDT

Out next ball – to a great length ball from Ball: Livingstone c Moores b Ball 12. Lancs: 66/5


6.18am EDT

And this, from DaddyPig (yikes,can i really call you that?) BTL:
“The drainage at Headingley is perfectly good. Two years today, after horrible winter flooding, we started the season on time against Hampshire, whilst the local league seasons were delayed. When it rains, the players are back on again in remarkable time. But once soil with any amount of clay is waterlogged, it requires evaporation to extract the water. Drainage relies on gravity and it isn’t enough on its own, and when the water table is high then it won’t drain at all . It’s been cold and cloudy as well as soaking wet for the past month. That’s all there is to it.
“Switching the game to Chelmsford would’ve been a good and creative thing to do, and it’s a shame that the agility and thought weren’t there to at least consider that. I doubt if there are any outgrounds in Yorkshire that are in any better condition, unless somewhere like Upper Wharfedale CC at Grassington has benefitted from natural drainage on the limestone.”
Cracking four there from Livingstone off Ball.

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6.15am EDT

And some on the spot knowledge from Neil in Yorkshire, which might ruin the conspiracy theory, though it was fun while it lasted.
“I think the rain graph for Yorkshire doesn’t tell the whole picture. There has been a lot of snow in recent months, which won’t be captured in the daily rainfall stats but has a big impact on how saturated the ground is for when the rain then does fall. If the ground has been covered in a couple of feet of snow at various points over the winter that water has to go somewhere when it melts.”
Thank you Neil.


6.09am EDT

And another one down at Old Trafford: Chanderpaul c Taylor b Gurney 0. 62/4. Gurney 4-22. It’s very gloomy out there.


6.07am EDT

Play also at Edgbaston and Southampton. Ah, wicket at Edgbaston, but it’s not good news for Olly Stone. Robinson c Ambrose b Barker 12. Sussex 194-7.


6.01am EDT

Anyway, away from Headingley
Play starting on time at Old Trafford, as most players stroll out with their hands stuck firmly in their pockets though Livingstone is wearing short-sleeves. Oh and Jennings out to the third ball of the day, lbw Gurney 27
At Kent there is free entry and free parking today!


5.52am EDT

I still think the suggestion by someone below the line by was the best – why, when the ground must have been looking like a saturated sponge for days, didn’t they just swap either to Chelmsford or another out-ground in Yorkshire, assuming somewhere was playable? I wonder, looking at the graph again, if the rain this year was perhaps the wrong type of rain?

Kit Harris
Yorkshire chairman: “The ground has seen unprecedented wet weather over the past few months”. Yorkshire groundsman: “It’s the worst pre-season in 30 years”. In the last 25 years at Headingley, 11 pre-seasons (and four of the last seven) have been wetter. #bbccricket #YORvESS pic.twitter.com/H9sUYHqdpj

April 16, 2018


5.37am EDT

Oooh, trouble at Headingley and some data thanks to @KitHarris . The media haven’t been allowed down on the pitch to inspect the swamp this morning.
“Yorkshire chairman: ‘There have been absolutely no issues with our drainage system”. In the last 25 years, Headingley has had 101 days when first class cricket was played in April, and nine days have been lost to rain. Seven of the nine were this year.’
And more weather data here with a graph . Now get stuck into that.


4.47am EDT

Good morning!

And welcome to the final day of the first round of the 2018 Specsavers County Championship. And what a round it’s been – general chaos interrupted by the odd oasis of calm. No innings more than 300, no centuries, but a few lovely little knocks from the old timers and new blood: James Vince, Ian Bell, Daniel Bell-Drummond, Gareth Berg, and can we call Zac Crawley and Moore’s 30-odd cameos?
Wickets tumbling everywhere with five-fers or more for Jake Ball, Olly Stone, Ryan Higgins, and James Harris who gets the player of the round County Blog golden cup.
And play has been called off at Headingley! Without a ball bowled. Poor Yorkies. Maybe this will cheer you up?
At Old Trafford the weather is cardigan-not-coat and the first session should determine whether Lancashire can hold on or not against a sharp-looking Nottinghamshire attack.
At Southampton the weather may yet save Worcestershire, but Kent seem unlikely to escape at Canterbury baring something extraordinary.
At Edgbaston, there might just be a draw but Olly Stone has a chance to be only the fourth Warwickshire man to take all ten in an innings.

at 6.26am EDT


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