McGregor v Mayweather: Dana White releases controversial Paulie Malignaggi sparring video | Boxing | Sport


He posted the clips on his personal Instagram account.

The videos have been released following Malignaggi controversially quitting McGregor’s training camp earlier this month.

Malignaggi left after taking issue with McGregor’s personal photographer posting photos on social media of the Irishman getting the upper hand in sparring.

One of the videos appears to show Malignaggi getting knocked down by McGregor.

However, Malignaggi has taken to Twitter to defend himself, claiming he was pushed.

He tweeted: “Pushing my head down with right hand as he’s draggin me in that direction by it then throwin the left, the push down is with right hand.”

He also tweeted: “Honestly he disguises it better than I thought or it the angle of the vid, in real time in gym no one thought knockdown we just continued.”

The videos were released just a fortnight before Conor McGregor’s heavily anticipated fight with Floyd Mayweather.

On Twitter, Malignaggi also said: “That was round 12 which I’ve openly discussed I was fatigued and lost. The ‘knockdown’ however watch his right hand drag me from behind neck.”

He added: “Having said that nothing I’ve said from the start has been proven different from what actually happens. Footage confirms it, now the rest?

“Videos didn’t confirm anything I hadn’t already said to be honest. To confirm everything else I said just gotta see all 36 minutes.”

McGregor did not open up about the sparring session until his media training day in Las Vegas, yesterday.

He said: “It shows his character in my opinion. He was looking for an exit.

“The spars were not good for him. He took a lot of head trauma. Straight after it we were worried.

McGregor added: “He was knocked down. He was flattened against the ropes. Multiple times the ropes kept him on his feet. We were worried about him.

“He showed up and tried his best. It didn’t go his way, he got his ass whooped. He got his pride dented and then he wanted a way out.”

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